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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Safe Spot

 by olgoat

When I retired from the Navy some years ago we came to West Virginia because we felt the world was going to hell soon. At that time we never even heard the term "Prepper" but that's what we were.
We own fifty acres surrounded by several thousand acres of prime timberland, not far from the New River Gorge National Park.
We bought a used house trailer and moved onto our property. From there we bought a sawmill and began cutting timber from our property. With just me and my wife doing all the work, we eventually moved into our log home (owing $300 on a credit card on the day we moved in).
Since then we have built a barn, purchased hand tools, seeds, food and medical supplies, guns and ammo, livestock and a very big dog.
We formed a group of family and friends (thirty of us to date) and continued prepping.
Currently we have enough supplies to last us over a year with no outside assistance from anybody. One of our members, Mike, is a former Seal and his wife was a medic for a Seal Team in Afganistan and now a RN.
Mike teaches combat training under contract to the military and has stored twelve M-16s and twelve 9mm pistols here at our safe place (all legally purchased).
Half of our group are children and teens. We are teaching them everything they'll need to know to survive in a post SHTF society.
We aren't fanatics or doomsayers but we believe in preparing for anything that is survivable just because the world is getting to be a more dangerous place. We aren't building bunkers because we don't want to live in a world where that's necessary. We don't even care about prophecy because prophecy is so vague.
What we care about is giving the children a fighting chance if things go to hell.

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